Data Sources, Analytic & Visualization Tools

Saturday, 05 Jan 2019 Kudzai Nyandoro

There are times when I need data and I need right away, but it takes a bit of time for me to remember where I had seen the data and how I had retrieved it. To solve this problem I've created a list of some of the websites that I visit when I need to quickly retrieve reliable data. I use these data sets in the public field, however, I think someone else might find them useful for learning purposes, to write grants, reports or other purposes.

Public Health & Other, Data Sources

U.S Census Bureau | California Department of Public Health
California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal | California Department of Finance | California Department of Education | California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development | California Health Interview Survey | Shape Files | Geographic Information Systems | California Air Resources Board Geographical Information System (GIS) Library | California Air Resources Board Pollution Map Data Downloads | California Kids Data

This is not exhaustive but it's a good start for anyone in the public health and similar field looking for data to use in grant applications, report writing, learning, and more. I'll update this blog with time and as I get more sources of data to share. Also, below are some links to some of the websites. I've also listed a few of tools that I've enjoyed using to analyze and visualize data.

Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

There are many tools available to help visualize your data. I'll the few that I've tried below. I'll update the list with time and as I learn and discover more.

Spreasheets e.g. Apache OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers.Google Data Studio | QGIS | PSPP | Python | Matplotlib | Pandas | Numpy | Seaborn.